Event Report
by Michael Humphreys

The weather gods were indeed kind to us for our 3rd Annual Show and we roasted in beautiful weather on all three days. This, no doubt, made camping really enjoyable for aficionados such as our very own “This is The Life” Mike Peacock, and for others at least bearable. By Friday evening a very reasonable number of vehicles had arrived and set up, but most arrived Saturday morning and Sunday saw some changes and new additions. There were more trade stands this year offering a good selection from weapons, tools, field gear, military clothing, plenty of models and period clothing.

Our show is combined with Battlegroup North which features invited re-enactors, wargamers and model tanks. Half of the main hanger was given over to wargaming and related trade stalls. It also provided a base for the model tanks. The amount of gear the re- enactors bring with them to put on display never ceases to amaze and the invited groups had excellent items to see. By far the largest being a 1944 Auster V aircraft used as an air OP for artillery.

This year’s flypast was the BBMF Lancaster which treated the crowds to 4 circuits of the old airfield and never fails to impress. It’s hard to imagine the noise of a squadron or two taxing for take off never mind that created by those 1000 bomber raids of the war. The Dakota did the honours on Sunday.

A late Saturday afternoon road run to one of the neighbouring wartime bomber bases, Melbourne , was enjoyed by quite a crowd in about 40 vehicles of all ages. The Watch Tower or Control Tower there is being restored by enthusiasts, but the airfield itself is now a working farm again and large sections of runway have been removed.

Friday and particularly Saturday night saw much beer consumed with the more livelier burning off some calories at the disco end of the NAAFI. The Hawaiian shirt theme  proved ideal for Saturday evening.

Well deserved Prizes were given out on Sunday for the first time to several proud owners whose vehicles feature in the photo gallery. A full list is published on this website.

It’s fair to say that the public, and enthusiasts alike, could enjoy a first class and well organised display of around 200 military vehicles over the weekend and will have left with many happy memories of our event and, if anything like me, a few purchases as well..

I talked to a number of owners of British vehicles and 13 are featured in the Feature Vehicles page.